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Did you know that more than 80% of the Western population breathes incorrectly?
And that many of these people get sick due to their dysfunctional breathing?
How are you breathing?
Are you quickly out of breath? Do you often feel "not really relaxed" or worse "really tense"? Do you sigh and/or yawn a lot? Do you regularly feel short of breath? Do you feel like you regularly need to take an extra breath of air? Do you suffer from hyperventilation attacks? Do you have asthmatic complaints? Are you and do you stay tired? Do you suffer from Chronic Hyperventilation?
Have you just answered YES 1 or more times? Then you are not breathing healthy. Dysfunctional breathing patterns prevent many people from breathing freely and living freely. It consumes energy and your complaints persist year after year or get worse.
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Valais, Crans Montana

Providing services online, in person, personal or groups, for functional breathing, breath rehab and breathwork, Personal Training, Group sessions, Workshops & More. Operating mainly from Valais and anywhere in Switzerland on request.

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How I work

Breathing tests and medical assesment
Preperation of a personalised program
In person sessions combined with online sessions
The minimum duration for my programs is 4 weeks 
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